About Us

We merge digital technologies with your business strategies
Digital transformation for small business and enterprise

About JNxG

JNXG Digital Innovations is a company focused primarily around building solutions and platforms for the Digital transformations taking place all over the world across geographies, organizations, institutions, and corporate. It’s founded by 4 individuals who have significant experience in the IT industry, and they bring on board a broad-based exposure to multiple industry domains, strategies, and technologies under the digital space. We offer

  • Automation- Bot based automation,RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Corporate e-learning(LIR -Learn It Right and DIR - Do It Right)
  • Industry 4.0- IOT and smart machine analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Data security- Application, cloud, and automation around security assessment
About JNxG


  • To become a leading digital transformation solution provider in the industry
  • To offer innovative solutions that inspire the world
  • To offer digital solutions that match the pace of change
  • To increase business efficiency with the increased use of technology
  • Expertise digital domains to become more aligned with the client’s demands
  • To build a strong partnership with stakeholders from all over the world 


JNXG Digital Innovations espouses the following agenda as part of its mission

  • Provide sustainable solutions to the client in the digital space in the most cost-effective manner
  • Promote automation for optimization of business drivers and ensure the realization of various businesses KPIs and objectives
  • Build next-generation digital learning platforms for various organizations, institutions, and industries
  • Leverage data for insights and decision making
  • Promote awareness around Industry 4.0 and helps organizations transition to this new generation Industry plan
  • Provide evangelism around data security which is becoming even more critical due to digital transformations
About JNxG

Why JNxG

We would forge relationships with clients through consulting and advisory workshops and further down would provide sustainable platforms that would be more cost effective and evolutionary in nature. The benefits you will get here are

  • We are located at Bangalore, the IT hub of the world
  • We have a good network with IT professionals from a wide range of domains and technologies
  • Regularly connect with universities and institutes which can be a great advantage in terms of incubation
  • Well connected with startup hubs for collaboration
  • Partners are pretty much hands-on when it comes to technology and cross-functional domains
  • Partners have significant delivery, implementation, architecture and product management experience spread over 15 years average
  • Complement rather than compete philosophy helps us win friends than foes
  • Engage, Evangelise and Engineer in the most cost-effective manner
  • Connected with partners in tier B cities
  • Distinctive price advantages for the client
  • Our pricing doesn’t factor in investor returns and other hidden charges
  • Catalog based pricing for clients which are highly attractive and convenient