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Digital transformation solutions

Digital solutions to offer great digital experiences

JNxG Digital Innovations is a company focused primarily around building solutions and platforms for the Digital transformations taking place all over the world across geographies, organizations, institutions, and corporate. It’s founded by 4 individuals who have significant experience in the IT industry, and they bring on board a broad-based exposure to multiple industry’s domains, strategies, and technologies under the digital space.

JNxG Digital Innovations has an immediate focus around the following key areas and ambitious plan to move into other areas post consolidation of these four areas

  • Deriving insights and intelligence from data
  • Integration of new devices to the digital ecosystem
  • Data and platform security
  • Automation for productivity gain
Full spectrum of digital transformation solutions



We build the roadmap from concept to commission. We offer concept with proof and make it available on popular cloud platforms e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP which can be baselined as a reference implementation.


We conduct workshops and training sessions to evangelisethe Digital transformation, its strategic advantages, cost-benefit assessment to clients. The workshops will be designed around threat and vulnerability assessment indata security

Platform Development

We would build platforms which we can offer to industries in a SAAS based model. Clients can leverage the distinctive cost advantage with such models
Typically, we start with consulting given our experience in the industry and once we see traction on a particular solution, we build a roadmap and platform to productize it. We aspire to move into other areas of the Digital revolution once we consolidate in the mentioned areas.